Maria Powers was raised in Southern California and loves to travel, but cannot imagine living anywhere else. In the vast number of years she has lived on this planet there have only been two consistencies in her life reading and telling stories. Sure some people say lies rather than stories. You say tomato; Maria says don’t bother her with semantics. A pediatrician once told her mother that she was dramatic enough to be an actress, but melodramas ended long before she could get up enough nerve to perform in front of thousands. Yes, she does believe that had she ever performed, thousands would have wanted to watch her. Doesn’t everyone believe that when singing into a hairbrush? Having given up on her dream of being rich and famous, Maria went back to writing.  A job that allows her to create kickass and beautiful heroines, or not, and tough heroes with sensitive hearts ready to be tamed by the girl next door or beaten into submission by the witch on the corner, whatever works. When she’s not making up worlds and controlling everything in them, she works for a small entrepreneurial firm.

No wonder she writes.

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